Imagine Lyric by BTOB ( English Version )

Elvina Yanti
There are no necessary words to be said
The moment our eyes met, we wanted it
Without letting the girl next to me know
So she won't know anything, I am falling more and more for you

I love her and I've never been like this before
But I only see you and I keep shaking - I'm unfamiliar with myself being like this
I want to go to you - you're right in front of me but
Next to me is her - I keep imagining bad things

* I can't keep, keep, keep doing this but
Though I know, though I know, I keep getting attracted to you
You steal my heart and you enter my heart
You make me bad (you make me bad) you make me go crazy

Locking eyes with you right now
Smiling at the stories you're telling
I'm sorry that I'm not doing those things - actually my eyes are busy
I didn't even know your cup was overflowing
I love em all - everything about her
Even if it’s so bad I just wanna hustle
If you weren't next to me, I think I would've gone to her and it would've gone down tonight

My heart is shaking - I shouldn't be like this but
I hate myself for stealing glances and imagining things
I want to go to you - you are looking at me too but
Next to me is her - I keep imagining bad things

* repeat

I know very well that we can't ever be
Because the girl next to me right now is very precious too
I shouldn't do this - I keep getting attracted to you but
I can't help it

I don't know what's wrong with me these days,
But I just can't help it.
I'm sorry...

* repeat

Somehow, I feel like tonight's gonna be a long night
I only have a apologetic heart toward my girl
But still, the inside of my heart is flickering
It's a night where I want to see you one more time

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